Masterclass in Noticing

Masterclass in Noticing

Things rushing past?

Feeling disconnected?

Need to settle working relationships?

Join a 2-hour workshop in the basic skills of professional human connection

1-2zjp66wcph2lsahbhrjgeaFor people who are ready to take their workplace relational skills to a new level.

An offering from Theodore Taptiklis and colleagues of Human Methods Lab, part of Enspiral Foundation.


About this offering

  1. We’ve been working for twenty years in the art and science of storytelling
  2. We’ve learned that when people share stories of things that matter to them, they become alive to one another
  3. From this work we’ve distilled a capability of greater aliveness — a practice of noticing
  4. When we tune ourselves to one another we relate more productively
  5. We discover our noticing muscles and those of others
  6. So at last we can make practical use of our differences in our work together

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