What Loomio Does: human encounters on the network

Loomio is a software platform that helps groups to deliberate and to make decisions together. We interviewed people from 20 groups – with handfuls to hundreds of members – that are long-term Loomio users (one to three years). We found that Loomio has altered and improved the conduct of these groups in many different ways:

On Activism

On Activism

Immersed as we are in our own life experiences, it is hard for us to recognise the larger-scale movements in human history — the ‘socio-tectonic’ forces — that are pushing on us and slipping and sliding us into new relational landscapes. Partly this is because our individual existences are so brief compared with historical human epochs. Half a century ago, the French historian Fernand Braudel sought to delineate these long, slow forces to show that they are beyond the consciousness of the actors involved. (Continue reading…)


Introducing the Human Methods Lab

It’s pretty clear what kind of world we need to have to thrive together.
Much more confusing is how we make that world.

Our ways of working together are still clumsy and divisive.
We need better methods.

The work of the Human Methods Lab is to build these methods.

It weaves three workstreams together:

  • the promise of the internet
  • the art of human encounter
  • the power of stories of experience

You’re invited to join.

Please read the prospectus.